Friday, April 6, 2012

The World is Waiting for Glory

Glory Part I

Being a longtime Wonder Woman fan, in the 90s I was intrigued by Glory, especially since Mike Deodato Jr. would have the art chores and Jo Duffy from Catwoma would be writing.  Since I saw the trading card of Glory in Wizard, I was hooked.  Then I had to find Youngblood Strikefile 2, to read about her.  Then Extreme Sacrifice came along, back then Extreme Studios, and all the Image Studios, would have their yearly Crises where all of their intellectual properties would have a team up.  In Extreme Sacrifice, the Knights had to defeat the Devil who was actually working for the US government and Youngblood.
Roman, the Namor/Aquaman Homage is sent to find Gloriana Demeter, who is Glory on the Isle of Paradise.  I was really excited the because well, now I would have two Wonder Women.  We first see Glory talking to some faeries trying to discover why the Amazonians are gone.  She relunctently leaves because of an Oath she made with the Knights.  From that point on, she becomes the leading lady of Extreme.

 To be continued

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