Friday, April 6, 2012

I just finished Avengers Versus X-Men 01.  Here are some thoughts.

First the Homage to Smallville was a nice touch if it was intentional, which I sure it was.  Kansas with Aliens.  Wonderful touch.  Then we see a familiar burst.

Then Space, the final frontier.  And again, I saw an Homage to the Superman movie where we travel from Krypton to Earth in the opening sequence.  Not sure if it was intentional, but loved it.

Soon, we see the Avengers dealing with a plane crashing into the Empire State Building.  I never knew Ms. Marvel was that strong.  Next we see the X-men in a training session between Cyclops and Hope Summers, I thought this was very cliche because he rides her until she shows some Phoenix Force.

Cue in Captain America.  Cue in corny dialogue from Avengers Children's Crusade.  "This is Avengers, I mean, X-Men Business"

And a fight ensues.

All that in 34 pages!!!!

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