Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captain Atom: The Healing Factor

Have you ever thought that every Superhero would make things right no matter what?  If someone got lost he or she would find the missing person.  If someone was in trouble, they would save him or her.  If someone was sick, the hero would make it better.  After all, they are our heroes.  I remember as a child always having this fantasy.  However, truth be told, it was never handled in the comic books.  And if it was, normally the hero would be helpless to do anything.  I remember watching the Wonder Woman episode "The Girl from Islandia" where Wonder Woman was helpless to go after the submarine.

Recently in Captain Atom, he became one of those heroes who can truly touch someone's life and save the day.  Last time we saw Cap, he had just become self aware.  The issue begins with Captain Atom outside of a hospital.  As he goes inside, we see Mikey who has a brain tumor.  Captain Atom feels compasion and begins to help by going inside and destroying the cancer.  As he does this, Mikey is receiving Chemotherapy and the medication starts to attack the cancerous cells and any foreign body, namely, Captain Atom.  Of course Captain Atom is victorious and saves the day and saves Mikey.

Stay tuned for Captain Atom: Be it ever so humble, you can't go back home

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