Friday, April 20, 2012

First Look at Earth Two Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott

Here is the first look of Earth Two at C2E2.  Dan Didio held the preview in his hand and I got the screen capture.  Enjoy!!!


  1. She doesn't look any different than Earth 1 WW. Sigh. Very skeptical about this series.

  2. She is in the Lynda Carter (old 52?) style outfit, with the red and gold and blue.....sigh....Dan DIdiot does it again....Unfortunately, we are getting Earth 2(52), not Earth 2. Where the hell is Doc Mid-Nite? Hourman? And I hate the fact that now Alan Scott is a regular Green Lantern of Oa.....Stupid! DC is wallowing in reboot Shyte, so much so they have had to reboot Wonder Woman yet again.....Barf!