Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shot full of Love: Hades and Wonder Woman's love affair

Wonder Woman Issue 8 came out on Wednesday

Needless to say, I think April 18, 2012 will be a memorable.  1) it was my sister's birthday; 2) Wonder Woman 8 was released;  3) Supergirl 8; 4) The Walking Dead 95; 5) Justice League 8; 6) George Perez drew Supergirl 8; 7) Avengers versus X-Men; 8) Defenders 4, and on and on.

Concentrating on my favorite, Wonder Woman 8:
Don't call her archaic, that is how she was raised

The art and story were amazing.  The story begins with Diana getting some assist from Hephaestus, Eros, and Hermes.  As she chooses the armor, the end result is an archaic version of her costume, with gold instead of the new silver.  Hephaestus calls her archaic, and she retorts "it is how I was raised."  Many fans are clamoring for this armored look to be Diana's permanent look.  I like it, but I hope that there will be many outfits in Diana's future.  If all will recall, there were a lot of costumes in her armoire.  I like the silver, red and blue color scheme for Wonder Woman because it really allows the golden lasso to stand out.  Also, with Hephaestus' help, it seems she will have a huge assortment of weapons at her disposal.  This is an intriguing thought.  She will become the warrior that she was meant to be.  And, she will be like a certain brooding billionaire, having new weapons for every conceivable situation thanks to her step brother. For now, Hephaestus has lent her Eros' guns which may have serious repercussions.

The mission at hand

A decision is made that Hephaestus and Eros stay behind while Hermes and Diana venture to Hades.   As they enter Hades, they soon discover that Hades is comprised of a darker version of London, or whatever fancies Hades himself.  Diana states that she expected all the dead to be around, which Hermes answers that they are all around, acting as the foundation of Hades' creations.  A sneak attack by Hades results in both Wonder Woman and Hermes getting their hands dirty.  I should add, Chiang has continued to showcase Diana's acrobatic fighting skills and has yet to show her fly in her own book.  However, over in JLA 8, she is seen flying carrying a plane. Now I ask myself, does she really fly or is the JLA artwork an editorial mistake.  I am on the fence about this.  In volume one, she did not fly and used her acrobatic skills.  However, if she is to compete with Power Girl or Supergirl, I feel she needs the gift of flight.  It was amazing to see her fly again.

Finding Zola and Love

After the fight, Hermes and Diana find themselves in a darker version of Oklahoma, where they find a very happy and very pregnant Zola.  Apparently, time moves differently in the Underworld.  Zola makes reference to months passing.

In the end, there is a confrontation with Hades.  Diana had promised him a Queen, not sure where Persephone is, but because the "Hera Deal" was a ruse, Diana cannot pay her debt.  So Hades asks for the Love Guns.  Ultimately, he shoots her and she dies.  Her fabled bracelets, which can block Darkseid's Omega Beams are little use against Cupid's bullets.  Now everyone can see this coming a mile away, but I believe Diana has given the guns on purpose sacrificing herself to save Zola.  She must have something up her sleeve.  Also, does one really die from Cupid's bullets?   Can it all be Hade's perceptions changing the reality in his world?

My only complaint is that much like in Simone's run, Diana priorities are skewed.  I mean, she doesn't seem worried about her sister Amazons.  Now is there something else to the story that we have yet to read?  I don't know.  Over all I am really enjoying this story.

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