Thursday, April 26, 2012

Justice League of America NM

The Justice League Of America N.M. founding members have a strong passion for the Mythos and the characters we represent. Taking the chosen characters from the JLA in the comics and bringing them to life. We represent all of New Mexico and beyond. We do non-profit public events, charity events, and Comic Cons. We're looking for a Superman, (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern and Aquaman to complete the core seven founding members. We will also be recruiting reserve members.

Founding members are..Commanding Officer/Coordinating Officer: 'The Batman', Executive Officer/Creative Officer: 'The Flash', First Lieutenant /Research Officer: 'Green Arrow', and Second Lieutenant/Ambassadorial Officer: 'Wonder Woman' of the Justice League of America New Mexico do hereby elect....

Please contact us via our official FB page.