Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Reinvention of Glory

Have you ever heard, if it ain't broke, don't fix it?  Well that is what I thought of Wonder Woman, when the New 52 version came out, but I was pleasantly surprised by her reinvention.  Then by chance, I heard that Glory and the rest of Extreme/Awesome Comics was going to be reintroduced.  I thought two things.  How did I not know about this?  and I hope they don't change Glory.  Well they changed Glory.  I really loved the old series.  I have every issue!!!  I loved her.  But truth be told, I am loving this new version.  What follows is a break down of all the particulars.

Glory/Gloriana Demeter
She is the daughter of Lady Demeter, the queen of Earth Deities, and Lord Silverfall, the Lord of Demons.  She was created to stop a war.  She trained for hundreds of years, and entered Man's World during World War II where she helped the Allies, not due to allegiance to any country, but because it was right.  She fought alongside other heroes, including Supreme who doesn't trust her.  Some time ago, she asked her mother  to join humanity so she could learn more about them.  They chose Gloria, a waitress.

In the meantime, a woman by the name of Riley has had dreams of Glory who has disappeared. Her dreams lead her to Glory.  When Riley, who now has become an aspiring reporter goes looking for Glory in France, where she finds both Gloria and Glory who is really sick in bed, basically hospitalized with IVs and other equipment.

It seems that the war between the Earth deities and the demons escalated and that Lord Silverfall has killed Lady Demeter.  At that point Glory has stopped being a superhero and now has become an instrument of war.  This is apparently what caused her disappearance and current physical condition.

The story jumps 500 years into the future where an older, well really older Riley, goes to Mars looking for Glory.  We see Glory favoring her father, a demon, and discover that she continued the war with the demons.  When the war was over, it was the demons who helped humanity.  Also, we learn that Supreme tried to stop Glory only to get his arms torn off and killed.  It seems, that Riley mission was not to help Glory, but to stop her.

Glory's mission is to rule both sides or destory whichever side breaks the truce.

Riley Barnes

A young woman who was a fan of Glory and as a child and has had dreams of Glory since then.  Once Glory disappears, the dreams go into a "loop."  She feels some connection to Glory.  Her dreams lead her to a small hamlet , Mont Saint Michel, a French Island, where she meets both Gloria West and Glory and discovers the true nature of Glory.

After dreaming a dream that takes 500 years in the future, she sees that Glory has destroyed civilization and eventually kills her.  Waking up, Gloria tells her that her mission is not to help Glory, but to stop her.

Gloria West

She is a waitress that was chosen to merge with Glory.  At first she does not know that she is now part of Glory but has vague memories and dreams of her adventure.  Soon she discovers the truth of her dual nature.  Glory would live in her subconcious while Gloria lived her mundane life and would only take over when it was necessary.  One day, Glory just stops taking over.

Lady Demeter

The mother of Glory and queen of the Earth Deities.  Apparently the rumors of her death are exaggerated.  She rules over Thule.

Lord Silverfall

The father of Glory.

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