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Wonder Woman!!!!

Wonder Woman!!!

First I want to say that I have been a Wonder Woman fan since the early 70s, and I am talking 1974 Superfriends here.  I fell in love with Lynda and I have a huge Wonder Woman collection.  I have been with Wonder Woman through thick and thin.  I recall, in 84 and 85 when Wonder Woman became a bimonthly book, the clerks and owners at Don's Paperback Book Exchange would ask me why I love Wonder Woman.  She was and is my favorite.  She was perfect.  She was the embodiment of good and always wore the red, white, and blue.   That was over twenty years ago.  I still love Wonder Woman just the same.  I am no longer the same person I was then, well maybe I am.  My brother thinks I haven't changed, but I think I have evolved and so has the character.  Wonder Woman has gone through so many reiterations that they are two numerous to count.
In September of 2012, DC relaunched their entire line.  Most everyone got a new origin and a new version of the costume.  Diana received  a brand new costume.  Originally, she was to wear pants.  However, it was later changed to the shorts again.

The costume was not the only thing to change, so was her attitude.  In the pre-Flashpoint continuity, she was, well depending of the writer, a Princess that lived on her soapbox.  In Perez' run, she was an ingenue who always had a deer in headlights look about her.  She was chosen to be an Ambassador.  In Messner-Loeb's run, she seemed to have lost her mission if not her origin, because she received a new one.  Then Byrne came along.  I think this was when she was the happiest.  Luke placed her in a Dome that made her inaccessible to humanity and to fans.  Jimenez portrayed her as an entitled "don't hate me because I am beautiful and rich" beyotch. Rucka portrayed her as a sanctimonious"let the forest burn" beyotch, and Simone portrayed her as a self doubting yet condescending beyotch.  Needless to say, I am not quite the fan of Volumes 2 and 3.

This new version is quite refreshing.  We first get a glimpse of Diana, sleeping in her London apartment.  She goes to her closet where there seems to be an abundance of costumes, can I say multiple costumes?  This Diana is quite decisive. 

Now, I should talk about the white elephant in the room, many "long time true fans" do not like this brand new version.  Many cite Dr. Marston's vision on the Amazons and how these Amazons are not true to his vision.  Well, the honest truth when were all the Amazons true to his vision, many forget that in Harris' run the Amazons invaded the United States, then in Conway's run, Hippolyta--an Amazon lies to her daughter, then in Thomas and Miskin's runs dare we forget the machinations of Sophia?  True she was not an Amazon, but there were a group of Amazons that were going to rebel against Hippolyta who was too busy self-loathing.  Now let's get to Volume two.  In Jimenez' run there were members of both Themies and Banas that caused the Civil War.  And in Simone's run, let us not forget the Circle and the many Amazons who were Psychozons who wanted to have babies.  And went crazy because they could not bear children because of some rule that apparently did not apply to Donna Troy.  But I digress......

Now, Diana has a brand new origin and her father is Zeus. She has a Queen for a Mom and a King for a Dad.  How regal is that?  And although Donna seems to be missing, she has some new and interesting family.  A Dark Apollo, a War Torn Ares, a Birdman Hermes, a Naked Peacock Cloaked Hera, a Supermodel Strife and a Naked Zeus!!!  She also has a loveable brother Lennox and a loveable Ogre like Uncle as Hephaestus.  And I haven't mentioned her cool Italian Cousin who looks like a male supermodel, Eros.

The story so far has been intriguing.  Zeus get Zola pregnant, Hera goes balistic, and  Zola, with the help of Hermies, enlists the help of Diana.  Upon doing this, Diana fights Strife, discovers her godly nature.  This brings down the ire of Hera who turns Hippolyta into stone and the Amazons into serpents.  Then, Diana and Lennox manipulate Hera, Poseidon and Hades into a mini argument while Diana uses a candle from Hades' head to neutralize Hera's all seeing pool.  Now they are about to enter hell with the help of Eros and Hephaestus.

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