Friday, April 13, 2012

The New Olympians

He seems to be the antagonist in the story.  He calls himself "Sun of the King" and seems not to have any loyalties.  He is partial to women, and uses them as his Oracles.

In the old series, he was Diana's antagonist and appearance ranged between an Action Figure to a Male Super model.  This version is an old man, who has faced the ravages of war.

Here is the sexy Italian Model jewelry and watch shop owner who also happens to be the God of Love and Sexual Desire.  He works with his step father.  He also seems to hang out in clubs with his name on them.  Now, is he the owner of such clubs? His jewelry shop is named La bellezza e la bestia (The Beauty and the Beast), probably named after his mom and stepfather.


God of the Underworld, and if the covers are any indication of his role, he too will be a nemesis for Diana.  He has candles on his head, thus showing his affinity with Death.


He is also called the Smith and is perhaps the most controversial god yet.  He is one who trades weapons for male offspring of the Amazons.  His servants revere him as a Father.  He is also responsible for weapons that Diana uses.


Or the "Naked Feathered One" as a friend calls her.  She is jealous and vindictive.  She is responsible for turning the Amazons into snakes and turning Hippolyta into a stone statue.  She walks around naked wearing a plumed peacock feather cape.  She can also make Centaurs from the bodies of horses which she has killed.  She fond calls Paradise Island the Cockless Coop.


The messenger of the gods and Diana's companion in her adventures.  He has a caduceus that the snakes react when he is threatened.


His interpretation is that one of a sea monster.  It is unknown if he will have a human form.


Every family has a troublemaker and she is it!!!  Plus she is HOT!!!


He is the King of the gods and is missing.  He has also impregnated Zola and has caused Hera, the naked feathered one, great heart ache.  The plus side is that he has great taste in women.  Hippolyta, Hera, and ,,,,Zola.


  1. I love the new version of the Gods in Wonder Woman. This is a great run down of the "family" we've seen so far!

    1. I am sure there are more to come. I can hardly wait to see Athena and Aphrodite!!!

    2. we "kind of" saw Aphrodite...when are you posting a pic of her?