Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Girl Issue 8

Supergirl number 8 delivered.

First things first, George Perez is amazing.

After her Bildungsroman from issues 1 thru 7, Supergirl finds herself where we last left her literally, in NYC and the authorities are after her. She has just defeated the Worldkillers and saved hundreds. She doesn't know why the authorities are after her, however. Now the question is, what will Supergirl do now in her new found home?  A side note, if the battle with the Worldkillers was as major event as it seemed, and probably televised, why then didn't the Justice League, or at least Superman, get involved? We need to suspend our disbelief for a brief moment. But I digress, as the onlookers look at frightened policemen trying to apprehend Kara, a mysterious onlooker stops the police from firing. From her accent and vocabulary, we can tell that she is of Irish decent. Now who is this mysterious woman?  After a several scuffles with the police and military, Kara discovers that her new found savior is named Siobhan.

"I have never been to Kryptonia"

Since the first issues have all been a first person narrative, Kara has barely had a chance to speak to anyone. Siobhan fits the bill. You see, she has this knack for languages. She can speak Kryptonese, birdese, anything. This must be an innate ability and one of her powers.  Once the reader sees this manifestion of power, he or she know that it will not end well.

Siobhan also serves well as a good foil for Kara. I especially loved the play in language that Michael Green interjects into the dialogue.
Ultimately, Siobhan and Kara must come to odds with each other, and this is done by Siobhan first introducing her father that is dead to the reader. Then we see her musical talents at a mini concert.  Kara, then sees how her father has taken over the concert goers and ultimately taken over Siobhan.
Next issue will be amazing!!! And George Perez is amazing!!!

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