Sunday, April 1, 2012

DC to Reboot Wonder Woman, yet again.

Guess whose neck is in a noose?

The most controversial Comic Book ever has been Wonder Woman.  She is either a Feminist Icon or a Pin Up Girl.   Recently, with the New 52 Reboot of the Entire DC line, Wonder Woman herself received a reboot.  An although sales are good, many longtime true Wonder Woman fans have panned this run stating that this "new" Wonder Woman has nothing to do with the vision that Dr. Charles Marston envisioned for his creation 70 years ago.  The Amazons are now blood thirsty savages that kill men, the sacred virgin birth of Wonder Woman is no longer in continuity.  Now she is a DEMI-GODDESS.  Even the Gods themselves have not be spared from the ire of DC Reboot Editors.  Now they are children's caricatures of the once mighty Olympians that once graced the page.

A letter writing campaign has been begun to get DC to FIX Wonder Woman.  Sources close the DC Editorial Board have told me that although Wonder Woman sales are up, they fear alienating their true and diehard fans.  At the end of Azzarello's run in issue 12, the title will revert to the state of the last version of Wonder Woman that is beloved by Wonder Woman fans.   Odyssey and Volume IV do not exist.  The story will continue after the last issue of the Simone run, where the Amazons have redeemed themselves defending New York City.  The Olympian will be back and rumors say that a new series, Sensation Comics, will be released and will star Achilles.

 With excitement, I asked the DC Editor who wishes to remain anonymous, how would they explain the first 12 issues.  Well, Strife does exist and she has kidnapped Diana and is being held captive on Mount Olympus and is being tortured by living a life that is not hers.  Everything is a torturous dream.

The only bit of bad news is that Wonder Woman may keep the new costume because she has appeared in other comics with it.

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