Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Farewell to OMAC

One of the funnest reads in the New 52 was OMAC.  This was a comic by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen.  It was very Kirbyesque and was an homage to comics of old.  OMAC was originally envisioned as a Captain America for the future in the original incarnation in the 70s.  In the 2000, OMAC had been reimagined to be killer machines, specifically designed to go after Wonder Woman and the Amazons, but I digress. The New 52 version was nothing like it's previous incarnations.  It was a comic book that had stories that were contained in one issue, and it was very much like the episodes of the Incredible Hulk TV Show.  The art and writing were topnotch, very humorous and quite a surprise.  I honestly was not expecting to like a Kirby character so much.  Also, the art although Kirby inspired, was colored magnificently by "Sky High" which added a glow to the character, which allows us to imagine how the Marvel Age of Comics would have looked like if it had occurred in our times.

The series revolved around Kevin Kho, a Cadmus employee, who would become OMAC and communicate with Brother Eye.  It was interesting to see, or rather, read/hear Brother Eye speak because "eye" was interchanged for "I."  Through various adventures, Kevin learns the full extent of his powers.  His arch nemesis is Maxwell Lord, the evil head of Checkmate.

I found the series easy to read because of its episodic nature and it was for all intents and purposes an all age comic, although it was rated Teen.

Sadly the series ends, but I have seen covers of JLI and it does have OMAC on them, so there is hope that OMAC, and Batwing for that matter, will be joining JLI. I also strongly recommend people to get the trade. 

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