Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Could Supergirl be a WorldKiller?

Here are my thoughts on Supergirl.  

The story begins as usual in the Superman Mythos with an asteroid falling to Earth.  This asteroid, however, is a space pod that almost crashes near Smallville, or at least Kansas, but the velocity of the pod takes its through the Earth's crust and resulting up in Russia.  Within the pod is an adult and amnesiac Kara Zor-el. There she is met by some armored men, whom we later discover that they work for Simon Tycho.  He is an entrepreneur who has made a deal with Earth's governments to obtain any "fruits of his endeavors." Of course she is met by Superman who battles her, calms her and relates to her the sad history of Planet Krypton.  This is quite confusing to Kara because the last time she remembers Kal-el was a couple of days ago, her time, when he was a baby.  The creative team was accurate to show linguistic diversity of the Kryptonian nature because although Kara understands Kal, he speaks with an accent because he is not a native speaker  of the language.  Since I am a linguist, I found this quite fascinating since this has never to my knowledge been dealt with in the book.  I still want them over at Wonder Woman to show how she speaks in an accent as well. By the way, I loved Donna's accent in Super Best Friends!!!

Back to Supergirl.  After Superman calms Kara down, minutes after she has manifested her new found powers she realizes that Superman is playing the role of a hero protecting the denizens of Earth.  She leaves only to come into contact with Tycho again, who takes her up to his satellite. Through an adventure, he eventually gets a blood sample of Kara.  She comes out winning, however, because she gets the mysterious Sunstone, which carries a message from beyond. Next, Supergirl uses a stargate to conveniently go to her city of Argo where she uses the Sunstone to get a partial message from her father.  Then she meets a Reign, a Worldkiller, who artificially born aliens that are basically killing machines.

A battle ensues all the way to Earth where Kara is forced to fight three more Worldkillers.  Kara is forced to become a hero.  Some parting words from Reign is that there were five Worldkillers.  She leaves wondering where the fifth one is, and of course we stay with Kara. My money is that Kara is the fifth Worldkiller since she has no memories. Perhaps the alien type that she comprises is Terran and she has been given powers beyond measure.

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