Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AME-COMI Wonder Woman

Ame-Comi Wonder Woman

When I first saw the costume, I thought, oh no, this is not going to be good but was I wrong!!!

The story so far seems to be much like the original.  Diana living a sheltered life, Queen Hippolyta not allowing her to fight, an Oracle's warning, and sigh, an invasion of Themyscira.   The good thing is that this has elements of the Silver Age.  Also, President Obama makes a cameo in a segment where Mr. Steve Trevor is briefing the Chiefs of Staff  on Themyscira, and their mysterious nation.

The art is amazing and Diana and Queen Hippolyta look beautiful and amazing.  I like the wide screen method Amanda Connor uses.  Also, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray do a fine job of introducing our heroines, except Diana is shown to be an "impetuous, undisciplined child" while Hippolyta is shown to be "cranky."  This is okay,  but of late this has been stereotypical behavior how Diana, Wonder Woman is represented.  Diana is noble and good, but since the Wonder Woman Animated Movie,  the Odyssey run, and a few others, Diana is a spoiled child that wants to venture out into the world.  Perhaps more noble qualities will surface in the next two issues.

The rest of the artistic crew of colorist Paul Mount and letterer Wes Abbot are great too.

I think we are in for an exciting ride.

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