Friday, May 18, 2012

The Road to ACE 1

I took a brief vacation and now I am starting a series of blogs about the Road to ACE and who is going to be here.

Legends which include Stan Lee, Allen Bellman, Mike Grell, Len Wein, and Herb Trimp will be here.  There will be many superstars and new upcoming artist.  This is how ACE is a bit different from ACC.  ACE brings more of a diverse group of comic artists, while ACC brings more of the superstars in comics. This is not to say that ACE doesn't have superstars, just more of a variety.  Each convention has their own niche and it is really good for the comic fans in New Mexico. I would like to thank Jim from ACC and Greg and Tom from ACE for putting on wonderful shows.  In Albuquerque, we have had a serious drought since the late 90s.  I am glad we now can meet our Comic Heroes in person.

Cory Smith

Today I want to focus on one artist, Cory Smith.  He is a self taught artist which has worked in making  statues.  I only know him from one pic of Wonder Woman.  I am including the edited cropped version.  But if you would like the unedited version Google it.  There is a hint of it in this picture with Cory.  He is a wonderful artist, but why take an Icon, Lynda and Wonder Woman and do a topless picture.  This picture as beautiful as it is cannot be displayed anywhere, unless it is a locker room or garage.   I have looked at his art online, and he has not taken any other icons and given them his same treatment.  When I meet him, I will tell him I have been a life long Wonder Woman and Lynda fan, but alas, I won't be buying this print.  Maybe, when he draws one that leaves more to the imagination, I will.   This is too bad I won't get this print, the face is beautiful.

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  1. I say..Lets get a photo of this artist.CORY SMITH...Naked...and Put a big ole nasty gapping Vagina on him..see how he likes being Defaced