Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Adventures on Free Comic Book Day PART 3

Continuing my Adventures on Free Comic Book Day
Part 3

Lobo Anime and Comics and the Sketches

Our next and final stop was Lobo Anime and Comics.  There was a sidewalk sale when we arrived and a huge crowd.  They also has a large selection of Free Comics, but had this number system which seemed to work.  I said hello to Henry and saw Andy Kuhn.  I commissioned a Wonder Woman sketch from him and met two local artists, one of which I commissioned another sketch.  His name was Paul Z.  

I also got a Thor Hero Clix at Lobo Anime.  I also ran into three good friends, Jesse, Robert, and Gabe.  Afterwards, my brother and I went to eat at the Wendy's next door, which was packed!!!

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