Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Adventures on Free Comic Book Day Part 2

Continuing my adventures on Free Comic Book Day  Part 2

The Comic Warehouse and JLA NM Headquarters

I arrived at about 11:30 and left like at 1:30 or 2:00.  I had promised my good friend, Miles, that I would go support the JLA NM and meet the rest of the gang.  I already knew Noel, but was glad to meet Tye and Danielle.  As me and my brother drove in,  my brother quoted Joe Pesci from Home Alone and said, "This place is jumping."  There was a plethora of comic fans there already.  The parking lot was full and there hung a huge sign of the JLA NM.  I looked for my buddy Miles and went to give him a hug, and met the rest of the gang.  It had been more than a year since I had seen Noel.  We talked for a bit, and I was waiting for my friend Max to arrive.  He had called me while I was at Tall Tales and would join us at Comic Warehouse.  I also saw my friends, Matthew and Ester, and their kids.  Matthew is organizing the JSA NM and I will be the Golden Age Sandman in that organization.

I saw Mary at the door, she was greeting all the customers.  I call her the First Lady of Comics in New Mexico even though she is the Goddess of New Mexico Comics.  As soon as I went into the store, she directed me to the comics.  Three tables!!!! One was regular comics, another kid's comics, and another "Adult" comics.  Those are the mature line like Buffy and Valiant.   Guess what!!!!!  I found my Valiant and Image previews.  Thanks Mary!!!   Mary had a huge selection of free comics, larger than the other stores I visited.  And there was a steady flow of people.  There were two artists in attendance, but they were not doing any sketches.  However, it didn't stop me from taking out my sketch book and showing them to Miles and Mary.  

Outside there were selling Frito Pies and Hot Dogs, my brother went across the street to get cash and we ate lunch there and hung out for a bit.

It was nice seeing Mary.  I don't see her that often since University Comic Warehouse closed.  Mary has know me since I was small, and I like to fib she was my teen age baby sitter.  She has seen me group up and has always been kind to me.   I just love Mary.  

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