Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some thoughts on Justice League International 9

Okay, in a week with great expectations, this was the only bright spot.  This week we were to see Earth Two, Teen Titans Annual 1, Dial H for Hero, and OMAC's entrance into the Justice League International in issue 9.  Only one of these delivered and it was JLI.  Two of my favorite series have been OMAC and Justice League International.  Recently they have faced a serious crisis where Vixen, Fire and Ice are out of commission and Red Rocket is dead.  Booster Gold has stepped up and taken his role as not only a true hero but also as a leader.  In recent issues, Batwing and OMAC have been introduced and the crossover with Firestorm only means that a Firestorm will join the ranks.

Godiva has been a break out star of the series.  In past issues, she has provided comedic relief.  However, just as Booster Gold has stepped up to be a hero, she is now a bona fide heroine.  We see that Prince Charles himself has asked her to join the ranks of the Justice League International.  Where once she hesitated to go against an adversary, she no longer.  When given the opportunity to attack OMAC (who is being controlled), she attacks.

Now, I am not saying that she will no longer provide comedic relief with her wit.  During the battle, Batman maneuvers OMAC into the sewers.   When she joins them. her reaction is priceless and compares their meeting in a sewers with a hypothetical meeting of Superman and Wonder Woman in the sewers.  She also makes a pivotal decision to take OMAC with them to Paris, where other attacks are occurring.

Now, the question is, can Jurgens be grooming her to become a leader?  She is for all intents and purposes the leading lady of JLI.  She is basically Wonder Woman to Booster's Superman.  I love the dynamics between these two and can only hope.


OMAC, an interesting character, is last seen in his own series transformed permanently into the "Blue Hulk."  I must admit, Aaron became one of my favorite artist since Wonder Woman and I love his work here and I wanted to see him draw OMAC.  Aaron did not disappoint.  

It seems, that OMAC's story will indeed continue in Justice League International.  He will be a good fit with these "misfits" who no longer are misfits but rather true heroes coming into their own.

Dan Jurgens is a genius.  He is the creator of the Tangent Universe!!!  (Please bring it back DAN!!!)  His writing in Justice League International is extremely good.  It's funny, serious, and sad depending on the story elements. He gives the characters a wide range of emotions.  These heroes are no longer one dimensional as in past incarnations.  Aaron's art is the best here.  I love how he draws the women.  My only complaint is that it seems only Godiva remains, unless Firehawk will join the ranks.  We NEED more female characters so Aaron can draw them well.

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