Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dialing H for Unlikely Heroes

Dial H for.......

 As stated before in another entry, Dial H for Hero was a favorite series when it ran in Adventure Comics and Superboy in the early 80s.  The deal was that Chris King and Vicki Grant would use their magical dials and transform into superheroes  created by fans.

The concept would  continue in the pages of Legion, Superboy and the Ravers and eventually in a series called H.E.R.O.

China Tom Miéville a "wierd fantasy" writer, (and "wierd" is modifying fantasy, and not writer, mind you), is at the helm of the new series along with Mateus Santolouco as artist.  The series belongs more with the vertigo inspired "Dark" DC than with the mainstream.

The story begins in Littleville, an homage to Smallville perhaps, where we see two out of shape friends arguing, of course setting the stage. One is Nelse, perhaps the one that is most out of shape and wheezing.  He is the one that will become the hero.  We learn that he is unemployed, out of shape, and has had a heart attack.  Of course, Darren his friend is trying to get Nelse in shape and to have him stop smoking.  Darren reminds Nelse that he used to box, to read, to be interested in everything.   Clearly, Nelse is suffering from depression due to unemployment.  This argument leads to Darren storming out only to find himself in trouble with the mob.  With remorse, Nelse runs to ask for forgiveness only to find Darren in the clutches of thugs.  Trying to call on a phone book, he disappears only to come forth as Chimney Boy, who has control over any kind of fumes in the city.

Defeating the assailants, Nelse discovers more about whom is responsible for the crime.  And later returns as Captain Lachrymose, which for those who do not understand Latin, means tears.
He can connect with all kinds of emotions throughout the city.

Of special note, there seems to be a heroine in Littleville that resembles Batwoman.

All in all, I enjoyed it.  It really wasn't what I was expecting, but I can't relive my youth can I?  It is an enjoyable series and promises for greatness.

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