Friday, June 15, 2012

ACE 2012

Well, I would like to talk about my adventures at ACE (Albuquerque Comic Expo)

I bought my pass at which was a sweet deal.  My original plan was to buy a VIP pass, but then I figured, you can't beat a $6.00 pass and I could use the rest of the money for sketches and such.  I do want to add, for this con I was poor due to Medical Expenses, but it is possible to have extreme fun on a budget.

Me standing in the second line to get my pass.

My first stop was Ale Garza, brother was away so I did not get a pic and when I went back, Ale was away

Greg Horn signed my Blackest Night Wonder Woman 1 thru 3 and also did a sketch on my "The Art of Greg Horn"

Phil Hester, writer of Wonder Woman's Odyssey.  He did a quick sketch as well.

Joe Benitez signed my The Magdalene and JLA 16

The line behind me for Stan Lee's pic, it was 3:05, the event took place at 3:30 and the line was 5 times this size

The line before me for Stan Lee

Me in line waiting for Stan

Finally Stan the Man arrives!!!

My pic of Stan and myself with the Stan Lee autograph

Len Wein signed 4 items for me

Herb Trimpe signed my Wolverine book, along with Len Wein, he is the co-creator of Wolverine

I never knew Joe Jusko was this huge!!!!

Rodney Ramos signed two books, Wonder Woman:  Love and Murder and World War II.  My Black Adam: The Dark Age was not in mint condition, but I did ask him for an Isis Sketch.  I gave him my book at 2:30 and picked it up at 6:30.  Look at the detail!!!!!

JLA NM's Wonder Woman and me

My best pal, JLA NM's Batman, and me!!!    I know him in person!!!

JSA NM's Wildcat and me

JLA NM and JSA NM Team Up


JLA NM's Green Arrow

Wonder Woman, Darth Vader and Batman

Batman will prevail any Jedi Mind Tricks

JLA NM's Green Arrow and me

JLA NM's Flash, one of the nicest guys I know, and me

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